spearhead technology

We transform ideas into high-impact products & technological masterpieces.

Tech-fueled growth

Taking an organization to the next level of growth shouldn't be difficult, especially if you are a known brand with existing customers. Yet, every year technologies challenge the way business is done.

Krieger can help you thrive in these conditions through digital transformation: We take an organization's context, and uncover business opportunities that provide new solutions, experiencies and services that the market needs.

The full spectrum

The devil is in the detail; creating new products requires extensive expertise across multiple disciplines. We take care of everything for you, taking you from zero to market launch. Our specialty lies in tailored digital products in perfect equilibrium between usefulness, an amazing experience, a sustainable business and desireability.

Stronger together


  • Brand conception & strategy
  • Experience design
  • Software engineering
  • Research & development


Brand conception & strategy

We build products with magnetic personalities and high desireability. A good brand connects emotionally with its customers and compels them to act. Our service portfolio includes:

  • Brand identity based on semiotics & customer psychology
  • Graphic design, from logotypes & illustration to visual communication strategy
  • Brand naming & voice through copywriting strategy
  • Marketing approach and art direction

Experience design

Products that people love to use are useful, intuitive, fun, empowering, easy-to-use, socially attractive, reliable and engaging. We achieve this through:

  • Product engineering
  • User-centered design and UX writing
  • User-interface design
  • Crowdsourcing, gamification & engagement strategies
  • Interaction metrics and usage analysis

Software engineering

Filling the gap between design and product tangibility is a challenging endeavor; which becomes even more complex when taking performance, security and reliability into account. Our team develops world-class software in the following areas:

  • Native mobile (iOS & Android) applications
  • Websites and web apps (traditional & progressive)
  • Infrastructure (Databases, APIs, server software, etc.)

Research & development

Our research lab continously tinkers with avant-garde technology in order to build the next big thing at the right moment. Krieger has been a pioneer in the usage of these advancements to solve real-world problems:

  • Machine learning & data science
  • Process automation
  • Blockchain and distributed ledgers (DLTs)
  • Internet-of-things (IoT)

Our work

You can find our selected case studies in Bēhance, where we describe the process and results of each project in depth.