The company

Krieger is the perfect blend of talented people, disruptive ideas, creative minds, outstanding quality and untamable passion

We believe that technology is the path to a better future: A sustainable limitless future for human-kind. We believe that anything can be done through technology, from improving our lifestyle to solving humanity's most transcendental issues. Our objective is simple: to create a better world through the highest-quality tech products. Only the very best and most qualified people can make the most ambitious projects become a reality. Our team is a convergence of talent, driven by passion to go beyond expectations and only deliver that of which we take pride. "It works" is never enough, it has to take your breath away. Every product we build is a point where arrowhead technology and elegant aesthetics come together; true works of art that shatter the status-quo.


Krieger can be your technology advisor, your partner in innovation and your development team. We help companies reach their full potential through technology. We build software and hardware that can become your new flagship product, a disruptive marketing platform, an automation tool to increase efficiency in your organization, or a digital distribution channel for your products and services. We can either solve a known problem, or explore your organization in search for areas of opportunity that can lead it to great rewards. Our service portfolio includes:

  • Mobile Applications - Mobile is the new web, and we develop internationally competitive software for smartphones and tablets. We design and build native Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad) apps as ambitious as your imagination, from the simplest of concepts to ground-breaking products. Using best-practices and professional methodologies, our experts achieve awesome apps with unbelievably long service lives.
  • Back-End Web - With the arrival of ubiquitous computing, everything is connected to the Internet. Offline software no longer has the same allure; online is the new standard. We can connect anything to the Internet and create networks that enrich your product. In order to do that, we can build robust web infrastructure that can handle millions of users and be as secure as Fort Knox.
  • Front-End Web - We can also give an elegant face to that remote server. We build responsive websites using HTML5 and state-of-art frameworks to surpass your expectations. From a landing page, to a remote control panel for your business.
  • UI, UX and Graphic Design - Development is half the work; creating a concept, designing it and making user-case research is the other half. Our designers don't stop at making it beautiful and sophisticated, we go the extra mile to make a product intuitive, easy to use, empowering and gentle to the user. The only way there is through user-centered design and UX (user experience) research; what kind of users will this product have? what do they like? what kind of products do they use? what do they think of the user interface?
  • Data Science - The age of information has brought an endless stream of data with itself. And instead of hoarding data in our servers, we put them to work: we develop algorithms and software that makes theses servers intelligent enough to predict trends and find patterns on sets of data. From Machine Learning to Big Data. Our team can interpret user behavior, demographics, results for A/B feature testing and much more.
  • Embedded Systems - We built physical technology as well, another of our specialties lies on electronics. Our team can create electronic devices for any application, from a commercial-grade consumer gadget to an autonomous instrument that makes measurements in a factory.
  • Automation - Using embedded systems and software, we can build intelligent electromechanical systems that simplify or remove a task from your workflow. Whether your organization is a marketing company or a foundry, your operation can always be more efficient. From automating your employee access to developing a robot to make your production line faster.
  • Hardware-Software Integration - What if you require something most companies can't do? What if you want to develop a system that measures and controls temperature on thousands of refrigerators in real-time with great precision, that can collect data, send it to a remote server and then show it to you on your mobile device? Or, maybe you want to build a vending machine that uses cameras to determine whether a person passing by is sad, so it can give him a free soda to cheer him up. We can build that, we have the technology, we have the capabilities. That and so much more. Few companies are daring enough to venture into the uncharted and complex areas where software and hardware meet. The opportunities are endless and Krieger can make it happen.
  • Product Engineering - There is a great chasm between developing a prototype and making it a successful product on the market. We can improve the odds of your product surviving that leap. From market and final-user research to design for manufacturing (in the case of hardware). Krieger can take you from point A (a simple idea) to point B (a product on a shelf) by using lean methodologies to find the best solution to a problem (we research final-users or potential clients to find their needs and their views on the problem; search for existing technologies to avoid reinventing the wheel and to create truly innovative concepts), design the product (once a concept has been defined, the project goes through a technical and graphical design stage where we tell you how it is going to look, work and be build), go through stages of development (build and integrate features of the product while meeting international standards, all under your strict supervision and satisfaction. By adding these features incrementally and testing them thoroughly, we achieve unparalleled quality), publish it (once a set of features or milestones are achieved and the product is ready for launch/manufacturing; we fulfill any final requirements like registering intellectual property and a launch strategy for your company), and iterate this process (a technological product is never complete, either because adding new features is required to keep it interesting to the public or because the user's feedback calls for adjustments; in any case, we can help you make that process simpler and more effective).
  • Consulting and Training - Knowledge means nothing if it isn't shared with others, that's why we want to help your employees to achieve better results through our experience. Any topic from our service portfolio can be translated into a training session or specialized assistance and advice for your company's projects.

Meet the team

The passionate & talented people behind this unrivaled company

Krieger is an organization integrated by people who never give up, that believe that change can only be achieved through action, that are driven by an uncontrollable desire to create beautiful new products, that their work is their legacy and that quality is a way of life. We are never satisfied, we push ourselves to be the first, and the best. Engineers, artists, researchers, inventors, creatives, problem-solvers, world-changers, visionaries, but mostly, people that love what they can achieve together. Here you can find some of the key people that lead Krieger's efforts to create a better world.

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Cristian Guerrero

Product Engineer & Full-Stack Integrator

I believe in transcendence; in pushing beyond the limits of humankind. I am an ambitious problem solver with technology as a path to create things of major impact. To do so, I've become a generalist; a philosophy of blending unrelated disciplines in order to broaden your vision. I find an immense potential in diversity, both in people and knowledge; a day is not complete if I haven't learned anything new. At Krieger, I am involved in the whole process of making tech, from electronics to user experience; however, my expertise and skills are heavily skewed towards Product Engineering, Front-End Software and Embedded Systems.

Juan José Mendoza

Software Architect

Senior Software Engineer, entrepreneur and doctoral researcher at University of St Andrews. I have always loved gadgets and I feel some sort of magnetic attraction for robotics, artificial intelligence, maths, electronics, physics, software and technology in general. My biggest passion is learning new stuff from arts to sports. I find pleasure and power in creating new stuff through coding; just like an empty canvas, but more fun. Besides developing software, I do research in dependable software systems, trying to put software engineering, artificial intelligence and formal methods together.

Marco García

Head of Product Engineering

Since I was a child I've enjoyed reading about the latest trends in tech and being amazed about its possibilities. Eventually it was not enough with reading, so I got involved in the making process. I love creating cool stuff; from small weekend projects to robust products that enhance people's daily life. I have a predilection for projects that address social needs and improve the quality of life of citizens around the globe. At Krieger I am involved in different areas like product engineering, project management and front-end development.

Marlon Vargas

Front-End Developer

Computer engineer and Front-End developer (iOS and Web). I look forward to build new digital tools and mobile apps that enhance the lives of people around the world. And I will do this with the challenge to make them comprehensible, aesthetic and ergonomic. Technology should not only empower us, but be easy to use.

Rodrigo Cabrera

Full-Stack Developer

I love learning diverse new abilities and use them to find interesting ways to solve any given problem. I focus on integrating systems, having knowledge of the whole process of developing an application, passing through database, back-end and front-end design, development and implementation. I have a passion in finding the most efficient way of solving problems and in making a machine understand humans more clearly, applying machine learning methods and natural language processing in order to achieve so.